DDI Pig Cleaning

DDI incorporated a Pig Cleaning System to work with the DDI Rectangular channels.

The Advantages having the Pig Cleaning System are:

1- Allows for cleaning via a “Pig” with out a need for Sludge flow Drainage.

2- Allows for cleaning via a “Pig” with out opening the DOORS.

3- Allows for cleaning via a “Pig” the Internal of a Rectangular channeled Heat Exchanger, to reduce the Fouling and improve the Heat Exchangers efficiency.

4- It can be added to any DDI standard Dia flange.

5- It can be used in the Water side too.

6- Allows for launching of the Pig and Extraction/Catching it too with the same parts (reverse order).

7- It avoids the risk of “losing” the Pig in the pipes, or the pig being stuck in a pipe.

8- Allows for having a clean (no liquid) working area, to insert and remove the Pig. (for the benefit of the Technicians). I.e. The cavity could be emptied and cleaned with fresh water.

9- Allows for a NO OBSTRUCTION in the flow of the Sludge, while the process is on.

10- Practical modifications designed manufactured by DDI utilizing available Valves.

We want to thank for all who dropped by at our booth in WEFTEC New Orleans Show, to hear about our NON PLUG Heat Exchangers and HEAT RECOVERY and innovated equipment.