DDI has received the 2nd order of the DDI Heat Exchanger/Parker Boiler – combination

DDI the manufacturer of the “Rectangular, Square, Cube” TM Low Maintenance Heat Exchangers & Direct Sludge-to-Sludge HEAT RECOVERY Exchangers, is proud to announce that; DDI has received the 2nd order of the DDI Heat Exchanger/Parker Boiler – combination.

In this latest design, DDI has incorporated a stacked Boiler design on top of the DDI Heat Exchanger, in order to save space.

DDI thanks Joe Gentle of Process Equipment Solutions, for obtaining this 2nd order from the City of Pontiac MI.

This achievement will open the doors for DDI Heat Exchangers Inc and Parker Boilers CO, to compete as a joint effort in the Heat Exchanger/Boiler package.

DDI Heat Exchanger can flow Sludge in both sides, and therefore used as DIRECT-Sludge-to-Sludge Heat Recovery.
(In this case it is used as Water-to-Sludge).

The Parker Boiler has dual input, Natural and Bio Gas.

Please see an E Drawing of the 2 units, where the Boiler is mounted on top of the DDI Rectangular wide gap multi channelled Heat Exchanger at:

http://www.ddi-heatexchangers.com/whatsnew.htm, By pressing on the link “Pontiac_Exchanger_Assembly.htm”
(One can rotate or zoom in to any side or from any angle etc.)

About DDI

DDI has been in business since 1980 and is proud to have 39 Representatives to cover North America.

(A list can be found at www.ddi-heatexchangers.com).

DDI System has been tested in North America for more then 9 years of continues use with out any plugging what so ever.

DDI has the following main advantages: large heat transfer surface, small foot print, more turbulence, gaps of 3 inches to limit the sludge blockage, full access to internals via doors, Davit Arms for swinging the doors to save space, optimum height for fast flow, realistic viscosities calculations, thick layers against abrasion (0.25”- 0.375” min), a backup that is also able to use the sludge-to-sludge heat exchangers for the water-to-sludge process and very very low maintenance.

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